Print your design data|


Print your design data

Information about how to prepare your design data

After receiving your printable data, our company will not change or add anything to it,
so please check your data carefully in order to make sure it is exactly as you want it.

In case our company must fix anything regarding your data, please keep in mind that there will be service charges.

  1. 1.Data Upload

    Compatible file formats:
    AI or EPS (Illustrator CS6 or below)
    The data file should be outlined before sent to us.

    Templates data creation
    • For Windows
      For Windows
    • For Mac
      For Mac
  2. 2.Sizes

    • 91 mm x 55 mm (Standard Japanese size)
    • 89 mm x 51 mm (Standard Western size)
    • 91 mm x 47 mm (Slim size)
  3. 3.Color - CMYK or DIC

    We are unable to print Pantone colors.
    For a specific color, please select among DIC colors.

  4. 4.Trim marks

    Please add a card-sized guide as well as trim marks.
    We will not be able to print your design without a guide and trim marks.

  5. 5.Part not printed

    Make sure to delete any data you do not want to be used for printing.
    A “Don’t Display” setting will be used on any unnecessary data
    before the cards will be printed.

  6. 6.Paint addition

    Please leave at least 3 mm or margin for the bleed in your card design.
    In the event of a part of your design being cut off,
    please confirm that the design has a 3 mm bleed.
    Adding more bleed than necessary can be an obstacle in the printing process, so
    make sure to keep your bleed around 3 mm.

    design data
  7. 7.Outline

    We cannot accept data in which text is not outlined, as printing text that has not been outlined may cause unintended results.
    Note: Outlined text cannot be edited; we recommend that you save data that contains pre-outlining text.

    How Selected Text Is Displayed in Adobe Illustrator

    • 名刺(未アウトライン化)
      hows text before outlining.
      Pre-outlining text can be edited.
      Displaying the same data in different PCs may produce unintended results.
    • アウトライン化
      Shows outlined text.
      Outlined text cannot be edited; however, outlining will "fix" the text’s appearance. We ask that you outline all text before sending us data.
    How to Create Outlines in Adobe Illustrator (convert text to shapes)
  8. 8.Order

    Please attach your card design data to your e-mail.

    [If your e-mail application does not automatically open]
    Entering print data information - form template

    * If you can not open it with the above mail application, please copy and paste the contents of "Contents of order mail" and send me a mail.

    Contents of order mail

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