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Strong sales

I introduce Business Cards "Meishi" in order of popularity.

Product Code

Simple Business Cards


Popular with a strong deep-rooted design that is simple and tiring! You can also compare with the color of the same design on the detail page.

Colorful business cards


The one-point color fashionably used design card gives a good impression to the opponent. You can choose the color according to the company color.

Color Private Name Cards


Directed fancyly nicely for private. There are designs that you would like to use for colorful and gorgeous companies as well as friends and hobby companions as well as playful companies.

Private Black and White Name Cards


Not only private but black and white with playfulness. There is a design that I want you to use for playful companies. More sticking to sticking to the backing.

Mini-squar Name cards


A small and cute name card. Many designs are pop and are popular among women and children!

Japanese Business Cards "Meishi" category

We will introduce the category of

  • ビジネス向けデザインの名刺

    Sharp and clean design that you can use widely in business

  • プライベートや個人事業向けデザイン名刺

    Fashionable design with a soft impression for private and personal business

  • Mini名刺

    Cute, cute, square-shaped business card with square eye-catching

  • 国旗名刺

    International business card with motifs from around the world

'Meishi for family' was introduced by "Nikkei MJ” (newspaper)

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