Express Print: how to order|


Express Print: how to order

Express Print: how to order

Japanese Business Cards "Meishi" Template

  • 1. Choose your favorite card.

  • 2. Click the "Express Order" button.

  • 3.Fill out and submit the order form.

Business Card Design list page

Your Own Card Design

  • 1.Printing cards your design data.

    Business Card Design Templates (Adobe Illustrator)
    • windowsFor Windows
    • MacintoshFor Macintosh
  • 2.Self check data to see.

  • 3. "Open in mail application" button if the data is correct.

    Fill out the necessary information and compress "AI file" into "ZIP" format and attach it.

Your Own Card Design page

Shipping Rates

Shipping time (Express Print)

Printing day
( Orders taken before 3:00 PM will be considered for printing the same day. )

・you could receive the cards on that day at our office, or receive by delivery after the next day.

*Office hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ( Closed on weekends and holidays )

The rates of Express Print


Please see price list.

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