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Distributor K-1PRINT Co.,Ltd.
General Manager Masahiro Maruyama
Details of business Business card printing
Location Nishi-Shinjuku K-1 Bldg. 7F, 7-2-6, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 JAPAN
Phone number 03-3369-7120
Fax number 03-3369-7127
Necessary payments outside of the main commodity Postage, COD service charge, bank transfer service charge
Expiration period for application 2 weeks
Defective products If our company has misprinted or otherwise sent you a defective product, please contact us no later than 7 days after receiving your cards. We will assist you as swiftly as possible.
Returns / Exchanges As our business inheritly involves made-to-order items, we do not generally accept returns or exchanges. However, in the case of a misprint or other such mistake on our part, and as long as the customer has not gone through a proofreading process, then we will exchange defective cards. After having sent our product, we take no responsibility for damage that could occur in transit.
Method of payment Bank transfer (via mail/direct home delivery)
Cash on delivery
Cash (A personal visit to our store)
Delivery of goods Standard business cards will be mailed within three days. For other orders, please contact our office.
Service and goods Business cards
Working hours Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Pricing Consult individual pages
Delivery service Kuroneko Yamato - Express Home Delivery Service
Disclaimer We pay careful attention to sending our product in a timely fashion; however, due to using an intermediate delivery service, we accept no responsibility for delayed shipments.
Privacy policy A customer's private information is used only for the process of creating our product and to mail said product, and we will never give that information to outside parties.
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Copyright © 2003 K-1 PRINT CO.,LTD.

Copyright © 2003 K-1 PRINT CO.,LTD.